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Forecasting the condition of petroleum impregnated load bearing concrete and reinforced concrete structures

M. Kharun
A. P. Svintsov
V. V. Galishnikova


Petroleum products (PP) used in industrial processes systematically fall on the load-bearing CRC structures and gradually impregnate therein. Currently, available guidelines for the assessment of technical condition and reliability of load-bearing CRC structures do not fully take into account the effect of viscosity of PP that impregnated therein. Our study was performed on the basis of analyzing, generalizing and evaluations of experimental data on the effect of PP of different viscosities on the physical and mechanical properties (PMP) of concrete using the methods of probability theory and mathematical statistics. The obtained results allow to constitute a scientifically substantiated forecast of changes in PMP of PP impregnated load-bearing CRC structures and to provide a quantitative characterization of their technical condition.

Keywords: viscosity, strain, endurance, fatigue.

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print ISSN: 1112-9867