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Toxicity of seed extract from Kadsura ananosma Kerr against Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)

U. Pangnakorn, S. Chuenchooklin


The seed from K. ananosma was extracted by rotary evaporator and aqueous alcoholic extraction by fermentation and were tested for their insecticidal activities against red grain beetle Tribolium Castaneum (Herbst). The results revealed that the seed extracted from K. ananosma by rotary evaporation showed the mortality on the adult of T. Castaneum at 10.33% with treatment of 20% concentration by topical application method, but given percent mortality of the red grain beetle at 16.67% with treatment of 20% concentration by residual exposure method. Additional, the fumigant toxicity given the high mortality on T. Castaneum up to 40.01% with treatment of 50% concentration of seed extracts. Meantime, the seed extracts of K. ananosma by fermentation showed lower mortality on T. Castaneum only 13.33% at 50% concentration with testing by residual exposure method. Therefore, efficiency
of seed extracts of K. Ananosma with rotary evaporator showed higher toxic on the tested insects than seed extracted by fermentation. Also fumigant toxicity had more effect on mortality of the T. Castaneum than contact poison.

Keywords: Kadsura ananosma Kerr; Tribolium Castaneum Herbst; Fumigant toxicity; Mortality.

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