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Influence of flow on thawing of underwater slopes and the pace coastal erosion of rivers, occurring in the permafrost zone

I. Gritsuk, E. Sinichenko, O. Maslikova, V. Debolsky


In the hydraulic laboratory of department of architecture & civil engineering RUDN University was performed studies of destruction of underwater and above-water coastal slopes in conditions simulating permafrost, depending on the soil type, the initial slope, and the slope angle. It was shown by authors, the speed of erosion of the underwater slope lags behind the speed of thawing of frozen ground. Water flow's influence is much higher than the impact of other factors (temperature, effect of wind, solar radiation), resulting in the formation of the washout niches. Thus, the main goal of the work was to identify the most important factors that affect on the changes of the river bed in permafrost zone.

Keywords: experiment; frozen ground; erosion; water flow; permafrost zone.

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