Motivation of teenagers to design in the field of fine arts

  • S. V. Isekeeva
  • L. P. Efimova
  • Z. M. Yavgildina
Keywords: motivation, readiness for design activity, teenagers, fine arts.


This article includes the results of a scientific study, the purpose of which has been to study the motivational component of the design process in teenagers. In this regard, we considered the motivational component of the teenager's desire to design activities in the field of fine arts. We offered fine arts as an effective mean of developing this component, the effectiveness of which has been proved in the course of experimental work, organized in three consecutive stages. To implement the experimental work, we used observation, testing, diagnostic techniques and other pedagogical methods. We consistently analyzed the results of the experimental and control groups after the formative stage of the experiment, which revealed a positive qualitative and quantitative dynamics of the indicators studied. The qualitative dynamics is manifested in the following: increased emotional responsiveness to works of art and interest in the project activities, illustrations of works, artistic component of literary works, as well as interest in participating in the scientific and practical conferences and competitions not only in fine arts, but also in other subjects. In addition, it is noted the teenager's activity in the after-hour activity on the creation and implementation of new school projects: charitable action, creative competition, school newspaper, master class, etc. It is concluded that the fine arts contribute to the teenager's motivation development to design.

Key words: motivation, readiness for design activity, teenagers, fine arts.

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eISSN: 1112-9867