Profiling and study of interfacial tension laden with crude lipid extract plant based as surfactant for food application

  • N. Zainol
  • D. Gray
  • B. Wolf
Keywords: SPLIP, PULIP, phospholipid, glycolipid, interfacial tension


Crude lipid extract plant based namely SPLIP and PULIP are being introduced in this research as a potential surfactant with phospholipid and glycolipid components which playing an important role at the oil/water interface. Since the interaction between the components give a significant impact on the interfaces, the aim of this research is to investigated whether these components in crude plant extract can also interact at oil/water interface compared to commercially available surfactant namely LEC. This work has been carried out with interfacial tension using PAT1. Prior to the interfacial tension analysis, profiling of the crude lipid extract was done using TLC. Finding obtained from TLC indicated that both crude lipid extract spotted phospholipid and glycolipidcomponents. For interfacial results, the interaction between phospholipid and glycolipid in both SPLIP and PULIP give impact at the interfaces; being more surface active results in lower interfacial tension value.

Keywords: SPLIP, PULIP, phospholipid, glycolipid, interfacial tension

Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 1112-9867