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Features of the methodological approach to the evaluation of the led lighting efficiency in the industrial premises

Z. O. Evgenyevna, S. L. Vasilyevna, A. S. Nikolaevich


This article considers the issues related to research on the LED lighting efficiency in the industrial premises, the need to use the methodology to obtain meaningful scientific results. The LED lighting efficiency should be determined, primarily, based on the creation of conditions that are optimal for visual activity and safe from a hygienic standpoint. We showed the main problem in substantiating the areas of LED lighting application, which is related to the specific character of spectral emission structure of the white LEDs and the photo biological effects of its individual sections. We specified the need for an integrated approach for the efficiency assessment. Luminescent lighting is suggested as a basis for comparison, as the most studied from the position of influence on various indicators that determine hygienic effectiveness, as well as the visual working capacity of a person. We highlighted the need for carrying out studies of a reasonable choice of illumination indices - the ranges of illumination and color temperatures. We considered the approaches to the choice of research methodology. We proposed to evaluate the main functional indicators of the state of the organ of vision and the human body as a whole, the dynamics of visual performance and visual fatigue in the conditions of LED lighting. We showed the practical significance of the experimental material for lighting implementation with LED light sources in the industrial premises.

Key words: methodology, LEDs, lighting, problem, efficiency, scientific approach, complex methodology, experimental studies, illumination, color temperature, visual functions, fatigue, recommendations.

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