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The anthroponymicon ofsmall genres of tatar folklore in the context of the sufi picture of the world

Z. M. Kajumova, G. R. Galiullina, А. F. Yusupov, A. T. Sibgatullina


The article studies the anthroponymicon of small genres of Tatar folklore in the context of the Sufi picture of the world, which played a certain role in the propagation of the names of religious content. The scientific novelty of this article is determined by a new approach to the study of anthroponyms of the Arab and Persian origin – a description of the laws of functioning of the Arab-Persian Sufi terminology, vocabulary and concepts in proverbs and sayings. In the course of the study, one analyzes the influence of Sufi notions and concepts on anthroponymicon, the formation in this perspective of separate groups of personal names, in the motivation of whichthere is reflected the Sufi religious worldview; and also the semantic transformation of traditional Sufi concepts into common anthroponyms of the Tatar language is determined. The study concluded that a significant part of the anthroponymicon of small genres of Tatar folklore is composed of the Arab-Persian borrowings used in the context of the Sufi picture of the world and characteristic of the Sufi world viewon the whole. It is proved that as a result of the influence of Sufi concepts and concepts onanthroponymicon, separate groups of personal names are formed, which also reflects in the material of small genres of folklore.

Keywords: folklore texts, small genres, anthroponymicon, personal names, Arab-Persian borrowings, Sufi picture of the world, concept.

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