Icmapen: an icmetric based security framework for sleep apnea monitoring

  • R. Tahir
  • H. Tahir
  • A. Sajjad
  • K. D. Maier
Keywords: ICMetric, Sleep apnea, Cloud computing, Authentication, Confidentiality


Smart devices are becoming increasingly powerful which is why they are being used for point of care health services. Wearable devices can be purchased which allow continuous monitoring of a wearers vital signs. The data is generated, processed and stored remotely where it can be readily accessible to health professionals. Recent attacks on healthcare systems and health data shows that the systems are insecure and that security is a major hurdle in their wide adoption. Conventional cryptographic systems rely on stored keys for the provision of security. The stored keys can be captured in many ways which leads to the system being exposed. The ICMetric technology remedies this by eliminating the need for stored keys. Thus, the ICMetric technology functions as a key theft deterrent and as a basis for cryptographic services. This paper studies the design and implementation of an ICMetric based health monitoring system for people diagnosed with sleep apnea. The proposed system provides key generation, authentication and confidentiality by using the novel ICMetric technology. The proposed scheme is constituent of a cloud computing component which enables remote monitoring and data storage for access by health professionals.  This paper studies the performance of the proposed schemes by studying the running time. The security of the scheme has also been studied to show that the system provides high levels of security without resource compromise.

Keywords: ICMetric; Sleep apnea; Cloud computing; Authentication; Confidentiality

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eISSN: 1112-9867