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Design of LED lamps

A. A. Ashryatov


In this paper, we study the effect of LED high brightness on the brightness of a luminaire. The nomenclature of diffusers used in the production of "Armstrong" luminaires was considered. The fusion of the diffuser texture and the brightness of a luminaire was studied. The criteria of choosing a luminaire diffuser and LED location in a luminaire were determined. The variant of the lighting system energy efficiency increase with luminaires and linear fluorescent lamps is considered. In the proposed variant, the fluorescent lamps and start regulating devices are replaced with linear LED modules. In order to reduce the glossiness of a luminaire, the LED modules must be covered with opal diffusers, which are used in LED analogues of fluorescent lamps. The presence of a prismatic diffuser provided by the luminaire design and an additional opal diffuser increase the emission area of the LED light, thereby reducing the brightness of the luminescence and, accordingly, the luminosity of the luminaire. Besides, in this case, the curve of a LED lamp light intensity lamp becomes similar to the curve of the light intensity of the same luminaire with fluorescent lamps.

Key words: fluorescent lamps, light-emitting diodes, diffusers, the brilliance of a luminaire, light intensity curve

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