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Heuristic environment as condition of art criticism competence development for future teachers

A. V. Mishina, Z. M. Yavgildina, N. V. Mishina, O. G. Belomoyeva


Essential factor of professionally significant competences development of future art direction teachers is the educational environment as which it is necessary to understand the integrity of pedagogical conditions, interactions, processes, components of pedagogical process which is specially organized for achievement of the educational purposes. Results of a theoretical research which purpose was studying characteristics of the heuristic environment as conditions of development of competences of future art direction teachers are presented in article. The main intrinsic characteristic of the heuristic educational environment is the following: recognition of value of creative activity of subjects of educational process; implementation of stimulation, support and encouragement of creative activity of students; granting opportunities for inclusion in creative activity. The empirical research was directed to studying influence of specially organized heuristic educational environment on development of art criticism competence of future art direction teachers. Testing, observation, method of expert evaluations of results of creative activity were used by us for realization of a pedagogical experiment. The conducted research allowed to reveal that specially organized heuristic environment promotes high-quality development of art criticism competence which is shown in the following: future art direction teachers acquire culturological and art criticism contents at the levels above an average and high; barriers to transition to creative activity in the field of art criticism are broken; personalization of development of art criticism competence is carried out.


Keywords: educational environment, heuristics, heuristic environment, art criticism competence

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