Analysis of turbulent flow on different arrangement of bio-balls using computational fluid dynamics

  • G. Hayder
  • P. Perumulselum
Keywords: simulation, bio-balls, computational fluid dynamics.


This paper aims to study the behavior of an attached growth reactor using CFD simulation. In order to benefit the engineering design of an attached growth reactor, ANSYS Fluent was used to make a simulation and visualize the flow pattern. The main purpose of this simulation is to prevent clogging by understanding the wastewater flow pattern inside the reactor. The investigation has focused on the effects of bio-ball arrangement with different distances in between using computational fluid dynamics and also the effects of bio-ball geometry in water flow pattern. Two different bio-balls were used in the simulation. They are fin ball and spike ball. From the results, it has been proven that arrangement of bio-balls with bigger distance in between have the better distribution of water flow. Better distribution of water flow around the water flow can increase the microorganism growth on the surface of bio-ball.

Keywords: simulation; bio-balls; computational fluid dynamics.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867