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Optical bus of centralized relay protection and automation system of medium voltage switchgear for data collection and transmission

I. N. Lizunov, E. A. Khuziyakhmetova, R. I. Ermeev, R. S. Misbakhov


The article deals with the system of information collection and transfer from a centralized relay protection and automation system for medium voltage electrical units based on a passive optical bus. The issues of electromagnetic compatibility of technical devices are also considered, and the intensity of electromagnetic interference is calculated in the distribution center of medium voltage. Since the electric power industry objects are characterized by a complex electromagnetic environment, including a significant adverse effect on the reliability and full functionality of modern microprocessor relay protection and anti-emergency automatic systems, the solution is considered for a centralized relay protection and automation system based on xPON passive optical network technology.

Key words: centralized system of relay protection and automation, signaling and measurements; distribution point of medium voltage; medium voltage distribution network; electromagnetic interference; conductive low-frequency interference; conductive highfrequency interference; IEC 61850; IEC 61000-2-5-195; IEC 61000-4; Degree of electromagnetic compatibility intensity.

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