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Systems of pneumatic transportation of cement and other fine materials with the minimum energy consumption

T. A. Suetina, D. D. Koroteev


Transportation of fine construction materials during the manufacturing of concrete mixes is
carried out by systems of pneumatic transportation. The expense and pressure of air in the
systems are overstated during their design to avoid the blockage of pipelines. As a result, the
energy consumption of the equipment increases. At the same time, the equipment wear is
accelerated and the systems are operated on the unstable modes. Therefore, the operational
reliability of such equipment decreases and the process of cleaning of the exhaust air becomes
complicated. The solution of the problem of ecologically safety transportation of fine
construction materials with the minimum energy consumption is given in the article. The
authors developed a new type of energy saving systems of pneumatic transportation. It allows
reducing overstated reserves of the air expense and pressure during the design of the systems.

Keywords: pneumatic transportation, fine materials. dust removal equipment, pape line.

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