New educational web resources for the engineering course "descriptive geometry"

  • M. A. Aygunyan
  • D. V. Shevchenko
Keywords: spatial thinking, geometric forms, complex drawing.


A new method of descriptive geometry teaching is proposed in the presented article. The method is based on video, imitating spatial geometric images and their connection with a complex drawing. The method allows to see a geometric image in space and all the constructions in the complex drawing simultaneously. Video is made in the 3ds Max software. The new technique successfully solves the spatial thinking development problem. Based on this course, the authors wrote a digital textbook. Each drawing in this tutorial has a link to the video that illustrates the drawing construction process. Practically, all the videos simulate the thinking process, which should occur in student's mind while solving the problem. The course has been tested for 4 years in the RUDN University. Students have increased their interest in descriptive geometry studying and faster spatial thinking development was noted.

Keywords: spatial thinking; geometric forms; complex drawing.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867