Improving the performance parameters of metal cylindrical grid shell structures

  • A. I. Siyanov
  • M. I. Rynkovskaya
  • M. I. Abu Mahadi
  • G. O. Mathieu
Keywords: joint connection, grid shell, cylindrical surface, roof diaphragm.


In this article, to improve the performance of metal cylindrical mesh shells used as roofs for modern construction projects, the sub-aperture diaphragms and the corresponding nodal connections are proposed in the context of the problem of the increased vulnerability of individual sections from actual loads. Finite element models are designed taking into account minimization of production and assembly costs, special features of load perception and structural geometry changes in an acceptable range of overall parameters. The effect of sustaining elements located in the direction of the arc of the circle on the percentage of depletion of the bearing capacity and the maximum value of the deflection of circular mesh surfaces with square and rectangular cells are investigated. An economical design solution of IFI type unit is used to increase the bearing capacity and reduce the deformation of rectangular cylindrical multi-element grids. A joint connection which improves operational characteristics of a structure taking into account the features of the geometric formation and spatial design of the structures has been developed. The force factors and deformation parameters of the basic circuits of a cylindrical mesh surface are checked with conventional and developed joint connections. Increased rigidity and stability of the structure due to the introduction of the diaphragms and the use of units with sustaining elements have been achieved.

Keywords: joint connection, grid shell, cylindrical surface, roof diaphragm.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867