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Experimental grounding of the efficiency of the use of elastic operating elements in the devices for pre-sowing seed treatments

M.V. Sukhanova, V.P. Zabrodin, A.V. Sukhanov, V. Stýskala, J. Zegzulka, L. Jezerska, J. Rozbroj


The article is devoted to the experimental studies of the effect of elastic operating elements of a mixer-dresser on seeds. Conducted experimental studies have shown the effectiveness of using the elastic operating elements for pre-sowing seed treatments. The proposed device is intended for the intensification of the process of mixing and dressing, excluding the traumatizing of seeds, and the harmful effect of protectant preparations on maintenance workers, while simplifying and reducing the cost of construction without additional power inputs. Experimental studies have confirmed the hypothesis, that the use ofshells, made of elastic materials,in the function of mixing devices, significantly reduces the time of preparation of homogeneous mixtures, due to the ability to accumulate the potential energy and to transfer it to the granular material,in the form of kinetic energy of mixed particles motion. Based on the performed researches, 3D model of the device for pre-sowing seed treatments has been developed. Hybrid elastic mixer-dressers can be used in agricultural enterprises, dealing with the issues of obtaining multicomponent granular mixtures and seed dressing.

Keywords: multicomponent granular mixture, mixer with elastic operating elements, mixer with rigid operating elements, seed dresser, cyclic oscillations, pre-sowing seed treatment.

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