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Morphological and syntactical features of adjectives in English and Tatar participles

A. Y. Giniyatullina, M. R. Garaeva, L. E. Bushkanets, A. A. Timerhanov, I. Khanipova, R. R. Khairutdinov, G. Ibragimov


The article is devoted to the comparative analysis of the Tatar and English participles. The paper substantiates the position that the correlation and comparison of the languages allows to define common and specific features. The paper presents analysis of adjectival features of participles in the English and Tatar languages in morphological and syntactical aspects. The authors ascertain that despite typological distinctions of translation equivalents, certain similarities of their structural organization and component structure are revealed.

Keywords and phrases: linguistics, language, speech, participles, English, Tatar, translation,
verbals, contrastive linguistics

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