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Stimulating of entrepreneurs’ innovative activity in the Republic of Bashkortostan

G. F. Shaykhutdinova, S. A. Nikonova, R. F. Karachurina, I. M. Sharipova, L. N. Korotkova, L. F. Sultanova


The article views some aspects of promoting innovative activity in the Republic of Bashkortostan. The measures stimulating innovative activity have been grouped into blocks.
1. Creating favorable conditions for innovative activity. 2. Increasing the population’s innovative activity. 3. Development of the system of scientific and production cooperation and innovation commercialization. 4. Investment support of innovative projects. 5. Development of innovative infrastructure. 6. Development of innovative small businesses. 7. Information provision of innovative activity. The main directions of implementing the above-mentioned conditions are: - lawmaking activity in the Republic, taking into consideration the federal legislation, international standards and traditions; - financial and tax inducement of scientific-technical and innovative activity; - international technological integration; - private-state partnership in the sphere of innovative activity. Recommendations are suggested, relating to the innovative policy activation for more efficient fulfillment of the key functions of the Republic’s scientific and research sector. The authors conclude that the Republic has all necessary preconditions for small entrepreneurship functioning: the natural conditions favorable for many kinds of economic activity, the forming local market infrastructure for small business servicing, and the availability of large enterprises and centers of economic activity.

Keywords: entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, innovation, innovative activity, region, infrastructure, investments, stimulation, monitoring.

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