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Sociolinguistics features of humor in american linguoculture

L. R. Sakaeva
E. V. Martynova
G. I. Salyahova
A. H. Sadekova
I. Khanipova
R. R. Khayrutdinov


Humour is one of the most striking characteristics comprising a plurality of marking elements of cognitive-linguistic identity of native speakers of the language, forming the linguistic culture and sociolinguistics selected matrix formation and structuring of the national cognitive and speech patterns which form the "English humour", "French humour", "Italian humour", "Russian humour", etc. In this article we study the characteristics of the language of representation and perception of American humour, its linguistic and cultural features in humorous texts of American comics from the American linguistic culture. The material for research is the humorous texts and fragments of the performances of American comedians of various topics. The relevance of this study is determined by the value worldview expressed in humour, which in its turn is reflected in the American linguistic culture. The results of the study may find application in University lecture courses on stylistics of the English language and text interpretation, General linguistics, special courses on linguistics, text linguistics, and can also be useful in teaching English as a foreign language.

Key words: text, research, language, speech, linguistics, speaker, linguoculture, humour, sociolinguistics.

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print ISSN: 1112-9867