A step-by-step integration of isiZulu mood as a grammatical feature into secondary school level creative writing

  • Isaac Mndawe
Keywords: Creative writing; writing skills; isiZulu grammar; sentences; moods


This article proposes how to infuse grammatical features, isiZulu moods in particular, into the creative writing processes at Senior and Further Education and Training (SP and FET) Phases. IsiZulu moods are grammatical features that are underused by teachers in the teaching of isiZulu creative writing. This study would help isiZulu teachers to acquire adequate language teaching skills and techniques, thus learning the proper application of grammatical feature. IsiZulu teachers would shift from teaching grammar as a standalone to communicative language teaching. The main method of investigation was the review of literature on the teaching of grammar, such as the works of Harry Noden, Image Grammar, isiZulu textbooks and methodology books used for language teaching. The Department
of Education curriculum documents were analysed and discussed systematically. We have observed that the presentation of moods in most isiZulu of school textbooks is technical in that it focuses on their morphological structure and less on their semantic and syntactic
structures. The syllabus is not explicit why grammatical feature, such as mood, should be studied and how learners can apply the different moods in their creative writing activities. We argue that learning how to use isiZulu moods could improve learners’ quality of writing and enable them to write effective texts.

Keywords: Creative writing; writing skills; isiZulu grammar; sentences; moods


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eISSN: 0259-9570