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Die interpretasie en onderrig van hulpwerk-woorde in Noord-Sotho: klassifisering en basiese grammatiese kenmerke

W.J. Pretorius


In this article the grammatical classification of auxiliary verbs as a subcategory of the word class verb in Northern Sotho is discussed. The grammatical features that distinguish the various groups from each other are highlighted. Although some suggestions for the classification of auxiliary verbs in Northern Sotho have been made by previous researchers, the mere features that serve to distinguish between the groups on grammatical grounds have not been satisfactorily investigated. This article is an attempt to fill that gap to a certain extent. This situation has a negative effect on the teaching of this word class at primary, secondary as well as tertiary level. Popular grammars used as teaching aids by schools and universities contain insufficient or even faulty information concerning auxiliary verbs as a sub-category of the word class verb. Hopefully the content of this article will contribute to facili­tate the task of language tutors at school or university level to deal meaningfully with this sub-cate­gory of verbs.

(Journal for Language Teaching: 2002 36(3-4): 330-346)