Indiensopleiding van swart Afrikaans-onderwysers

  • BP Badenhorst Departement van Kommunikasiewetenskappe, Die Sentrale Universiteit vir Tegnologie, Vrystaat
Keywords: In-service training, black Afrikaans teachers, Indiensopleiding, swart Afrikaans-onderwysers


In-service training of black Afrikaans Teachers
The matter of ill-equipped black Afrikaans teachers who teach Afrikaans as an additional language, remains a topical issue, but it appears as though little progress has been made to remedy the situation. In this investigation a literature study as well as an empirical investigation, conducted from a number of angles, were undertaken in order to identify the most irksome problems and to accordingly make recommendations towards the development of an in-service training programme. The overarching purpose of the investigation was to pinpoint the shortcomings in the professional outfit of both the teachers and the learning facilitators, and to subsequently determine to what extent the Free State Department of Education succeeds in addressing these. The investigation revealed that the teachers experience a number of teaching-related problems and that the in-service training programme of the Free State Department of Education seems to be wanting. The learning facilitators are not sufficiently empowered to fulfil their duty as in-service trainers. The department does not provide the needed infrastructure to facilitate effective and purposeful in-service training.
Key words: In-service training; black Afrikaans teachers
Sleutelwoorde: Indiensopleiding; swart Afrikaans-onderwysers
Journal for Language Teaching Vol.38(2) 2004: 287-300

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eISSN: 0259-9570