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Die onderrig van millenniers in die Afrikaans-klaskamer: Humormateriaal as onderrigstrategie

E Kruger


This article reports on a qualitative research programme regarding the use of humorous material in the teaching of Afrikaans. Based on a literature study, the article explores various aspects that may influence millennial learners\' reception of humour and its
application in the language teaching context. This is supplemented by an overview
of the extent to which language teaching policy in South Africa provides for the
development of the perception of humour to promote the integration of affective and
creative development in secondary school learners. Furthermore, the study describes
the reception and use of humour among adolescent learners, the sociocultural context
experienced by millennials, and their appreciation and use of humour as members of
generation X/Y/Z. The effect of humour on the classroom atmosphere is also considered,
together with the selection of appropriate material. In conclusion several teaching
strategies are discussed.

Journal for Language Teaching vol Vol. 41 (2) 2007: pp. 47-68
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