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Stability Matrices for Lateral Buckling Analysis of Beams

PN Jiki


In the present work, a new formulation for lateral buckling of beams comprising bi-symmetric sections has been proposed. The formulation employs a coupled lateral buckling functional to investigate the lateral buckling behaviour of a class of beams comprising bi-symmetric sections. While retaining the coupled modes of displacements at buckling, the formulation focuses attention on the need to reduce the number of degrees of freedom per element so that the solution process can be carried out on small microcomputers. This effort will be of interest to design offices, which have investments in microcomputers to ease their routine designs. The results obtained from the present formulation compare well with those published in the literature. There is also a gain in the fact that the formulation can be programmed either in basic or FORTRAN and with efficient programming, a saving in computer time can be made.

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