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Position estimation performance evaluation of a linear lateration algorithm with an SNR-based reference station selection technique

A.S. Yaro


The position estimation accuracy of the multilateration system lateration algorithm depends on several factors such as the number of stations deployed, time difference of arrival (TDOA) estimation technique and the choice of reference station. In this paper, a technique to select the suitable reference station for the lateration algorithm based on received signal-to-noise (SNR) at each of the deployed stations is presented. The position estimation performance analysis of the lateration algorithm with the reference selection technique is carried out and improvement in the position estimation accuracy is determined by comparing it with the convention approach of using fixed reference station. Monte Carlo simulation results when compared with the conventional approach based on a square station configuration showed a reduction in the position estimation error of about 20%.

Keywords: reference selection, lateration algorithm, signal-to-noise-ratio, position estimation
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