Published: 2018-07-23

Potential of glass cullet as aggregate in hot mix asphalt

H.M. Alhassan, G.H. Yunusa, D Sanusi


Process optimisation and characterisation of fragrance suited mechanically expressed Nigerian lime seed oil

A.G. Adeniyi, L.T. Adewoye, O.A.A. Eletta, O.O. Ogunleye, K Olukotun


Characterization of Baruten Local Government Area of Kwara State (Nigeria) fireclays as suitable refractory materials

Y.L. Shuaib-Babata, S.S. Yaru, S Abdulkareem, Y.O. Busari, I.O. Ambali, K.S. Ajao, G.A. Mohammed


Design and development of plantain fibre extraction machine

B.U. Oreko, S Okiy, E Emagbetere, M Okwu


An integrated approach to solving retrial queue complexity

C.L. Anioke, O.C. Nnamani, P.A. Nwakamma


Cubic interpolation based channel estimator for rectangular M-QAM

O.O. Ogundile, O.A. Osanaiye, E.O. Falayi


A hybrid approach to fake news detection on social media

E.M. Okoro, B.A. Abara, A.O. Umagba, A.A. Ajonye, Z.S. Isa


Review of network integration techniques for mobile broadband services in next generation network

A.C. Ajibo, F.C. Udechukwu, M.C. Ogbuka, C.U. Nwafor, J Nwachi-Ikpo, C.I. Ani


RTDSR protocol for channel attacks prevention in mobile ad hoc ambient intelligence home networks

S.A. Akinbor, E.A. Olajubu, I.K. Ogundoyin, G.A. Aderounmu


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