Rurality and resilience in education: place-based partnerships and agency to moderate time and space constraints

  • L Ebersöhn
  • R Ferreira
Keywords: rurality, resilience, low-resource, teachers, education, schools, place-based, partnership, agency, relationships


In an ongoing longitudinal intervention study (STAR)1 we found that, although similarities existed in the way teachers promoted resilience, rural schools (in comparison to other STAR case schools) took longer to implement strategies to buoy support and found it difficult to sustain such support. Using rurality we wanted to understand how forces, agencies and resources act, move, pull and push when adversity and resilience are centred in a discussion. Similarities in promoting resilience included prioritised needs requiring support and resource use through relationships. Time, space and place were relevant as forces hampering resilience initiatives. We argue that, by means of relationships, teachers prioritised needs and were aware of available resources. As a result, place and agency (as rurality variables) were reconfigured. Consequently, resilience was positively effected as the changed place-patterns and agency were significant for teachers to negotiate ongoing challenges of time, space and resource.

Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 0258-2236