Condom use among people living with HIV/AIDS attending Abejukolo General Hospital in Kogi State, North Central Nigeria

  • AG Salaudeen
  • OI Musa
  • A Ojotule
  • AS Yusuf
  • KA Durowade
  • LO Omokanye
Keywords: Condom use, HIV/AIDS, Nigeria, PLWHA


Background: Condom programming is an integral component in a range of HIV/AIDS prevention strategies and with repeated sexual contact among HIV.discordant couples, 98.100% of those who used latex condoms  correctly and consistently did not become infected. The objective of this study is to determine condom use among people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA).

Methods: This is a cross.sectional survey carried out among 231 PLWHA and receiving care and treatment at General Hospital Abejukolo in Kogi State, Nigeria. The research instrument was interviewer.administered questionnaire. The data obtained were analysed using EPI.INFO version 3.4.1 software and P-value of < 0.05 was significant for the study.

Results: About three.quarters (70.6%) of the respondents had ever used condom. Reasons given by respondents who did not use condom were: Desire for children (39.7%), and reduction of sexual pleasure (17.7%) and partner preference. More than half (56.0%) of the respondents with multiple partners did not use condom. About half 119 (51.5%) have used condom in the last sexual encounter. Gender, literacy level and disclosure of HIV status to partners significantly influence condom use during sexual intercourse.

Conclusion: The poor uptake of condom among PLWHA underscores the need for government and other stakeholders in the management of HIV/AIDS to provide more enlightenment opportunities to address the gaps in condom use and disclosure of HIV status to partners.

Key words: Condom use, HIV/AIDS, Nigeria, PLWHA


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