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The Rise of Casual Work in Nigeria: Who Loses, Who Benefits?

PO Kalejaiye


The use of casual labour has been a source of ongoing conflict between workers, labour unions, and employers in most organizations in Nigeria. Many scholars and commentators have written and spoken extensively on the subject matter, yet in most cases their approach tended to be one-sided, skewed and lack duality of purpose. Attempt to look at it from another angle or juxtapose its position is rare and almost absent. Therefore, this paper through content analysis of literature review examined the rise of casual work in Nigeria vis-à-vis its challenges and benefits to Nigerians. It anchored casual work in Nigeria on Neo-liberal and Equity theories. The paper opined that casual work is not in all cases bad as most people think. It has its benefits and in some cases, it is a matter of choice. Also, the paper is of the view that the benefits of casual jobs constitute the price of progress.

Key Words: Casualization, Casual Work, Rise, benefits, loses, Nigeria

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