Revisiting the Utility of Industrial Sociology in National Development: The Case of Nigeria

  • EE Okafor


Sociology as an academic discipline has been entrenched in many Nigerian universities, however, not much is known about how the discipline has contributed or has been contributing to the national development. Although some scholars have discussed some contributions of sociology in the emerging economy like Nigeria, such discussions are often generic and non sub-specialism specific, and thus need to be revisited from time to time in the light of emerging contemporary issues. Against this background, the paper highlighted some socio-economic and political challenges of the Nigerian State. With particular reference to industrial issues, the paper discussed critically how the industrial sociology will benefit the  organisational managers and policy makers for the overall national  development in five key areas of managing industrial relations, corporate governance and leadership, human resource management, privatisation and deregulation, and globalization and use of non-standard workers. The paper concludes that with the emerging industrial and development issues and challenges in Nigeria, the utility of industrial sociology in national development is immeasurable.

Key words: industrial sociology, corporate governance, policy makers, privatisation, national development


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eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057