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Strengthening African Union for African Integration: An African Scholars Perspective

BEN Thom-Otuya


The transformation of the Organization of African Unity to African Union is a historical landmark of African Leaders’ intention towards integration, project her continental interest in the international state system and seek for African initiative in solving African problems. This paper seeks to  strengthen the operations of the African Union by examining the efforts of African Leaders towards African integration, obstacles confronting or  militating against the integration, and seeking ways to strengthen the  integration of the Union. The paper is aimed at protecting the continental interest of Africa in the International State System as well as seeks for  ways on how to achieve African integration. Creating a philosophy that will drive the African integration concept, involve the private sectors and  non-governmental organizations in the integration process, and create  peace within the continent institute dispute settlement mechanisms.  Internal insurgencies group need to be settled/arrested, and transparent democratic, electoral and leadership need to be strengthened. There  should be a collective effort to combat terrorism, ensure stability in the political system; and use a collective effort to combat pervasive corruption among African Countries. Corruption kills economic growth and demeans political legitimacy. These factors inhibit investment process hence, trading among African countries is very low.

Key words: Strengthening, African Union and African Integration

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