Industrial Design: Applied Arts Component as a Factor in Design and Technology

  • Osa-Francis Efe Obasuyi


This paper examined the principles of the disciplines of the Applied Arts and Design and their roles and place in Technology and Industry. These principles which is believed to be “intuitive”“instructive “, “natural” and help makes up part of what might be referred to as, “that unique sense of rightness “. The paper revealed that the same Design drawing meant for a new concept car in Engineering design also is tenable for design concepts or projects in the Applied Arts and Design. This informed the need and thrust of this paper which was predicated on the consideration of establishing that the role/place of the Applied Arts as a component factor in Design is innately and intrinsically connected to the resultative man-made material culture and society. The paper also established that the principles and practice of problem solving skills and initiatives such as drawing, drafting (draught-manship), modeling or sculpting (in clay or industrial plasticine) styling and prototype creation realized by moulding/shaping of the clay material to assume any contour, shape, form or topology of the given object helps to achieve the ultimate desired product design. This paper recommends that for any design to succeed it must emplace (strictly) the Applied Arts principles as a major component factor in the Design and the Technological process of manufacture of any given design initiative (product/object).

Key Words: Algorithmic/ Heuristic Approaches, Industrial Plasticine, Play dough, Polymer Clay, “Partipris “, Salt dough, Styling.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057