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African communalism and globalization

Emmanuel E. Etta, Dimgba Dimgba Esowe, Offiong O. Asukwo


The certainty of African philosophy during pre-colonial Africa is no longer in doubt. Doubting such a claim is denying the existence of the African race which may be self contradictory. As this work observes, African philosophy which is all encompassing, is inbuilt in African communalism through which indigenous Africans expressed communal feelings, world views, moral and cultural values based on closed-knit relationship among their kith and kin within a socio-cultural setting. In this connection, it is the belief of this work that the current wind of globalization that the world is embracing is of no much difference from African communalism. As such, this work suggests that each of the above should complement the other in harnessing developmental strides while pursuing the empowerment of the global economy.
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