Social media child in the age of endemic sexuality: a study of secondary school students in Kogi State

  • Emmanuel Unekwu Ojih
  • Daniel Agara
  • Ibe Ben Onoja


This paper entitled “Social Media Child in the Age of Endemic Sexuality: A Study of Secondary School Students in Kogi State” sought to ascertain the social media usage pattern of secondary school students in Kogi state; the influence of social media on their sexual attitude; and how the social media influence their sexual attitude. The study was anchored on Media Practice Model, employed survey and interview research methods using questionnaire and interview guide to generate data from 232 respondents selected from a population of 3,448 students in the four selected secondary schools in the state via a multi-stage sampling techniques. The data gathered were analyzed using both quantitative (frequency and percentage tables) and descriptive method of data analysis. Findings revealed that the students use and adopt social media sites in diverse ways; admitted that social media portend both positive and negative influence on their sexual behaviour including positive mental attitude, addiction to sex, increased desire for sex, enhanced sex education among others. The study therefore concluded that the influence of social media on sexual behaviour of the students remains undeniable considering the level of exposure and consumption of these contents by children who are usually vulnerable with a sharp retentive memory coupled with the added constructive and destructive tool of curiosity to experiment new findings. The paper therefore recommended inclusion of social media education in the academic curriculum of secondary schools in the state to enable students learn how best to put the facility to positive use; called on parents, religion leaders, and care givers to learn social media usage so as to be able to monitor the activities of their wards on social media; while all hands must be on deck for the campaign on sex education at the family level.

Keywords: social media, sexuality, secondary school students, social media child, sexual attitude


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057