A review on courtyard design criteria in different climatic zones

  • B Markus


The application of courtyard in a building design can contribute meaningfully towards achieving a passive building with high energy efficiency, only when its design criteria are not ignored. It is on this note that this study examined the design criteria for courtyard in different climatic zones. The courtyard design criteria with respect to form and its effects on wind movement and lighting in different climatic zones is investigated based on literature review. Journals, Conference Papers and Books were used to generate information. The study showed that, courtyard buildings have almost the same design criteria in all the climatic zones but the appropriate form, dimensions and proportions are dependent on the climatic characteristics of each zone. These criteria include: form, size, area, orientation, shading devices, vegetation, ground ratio, the courtyard aspect ratio, shape factor, perimeter ratio and water pond. The appropriate application of the courtyard proportions and dimensions could effectively improve or mire its potentials for improved environmental performance. The study concluded that due to climatic condition variations, a detailed simulation study is required for the appropriate form, sizes and orientation for courtyard design in buildings in a particular geographical location.

Keywords: Courtyard, Design, passives building, Sustainability


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eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057