Perspectives on Illegal Routes in Nigeria

  • Samuel Kehinde Okunade


The Nigeria Immigration Service is a para military organization established to control the entry and exit of all persons in Nigeria and as such is meant to police the country’s vast porous borders through its officers posted to such locations. The paper argued that the porous nature of Nigeria’s borders has paved way for the proliferation of illegal routes to promote illicit activities including but not limited to smuggling of arms and ammunition, trans-national organized crimes along the borders which impedes economic development. Engaging Human Needs Theory, this paper examined the existence and dynamics of these routes in Oyo and Ogun States which make them extremely difficult to manage and eliminate and as well assesses the performance of the Service in security policing. This study adopted both qualitative and quantitative research design, using simple percentage and content analysis for analysing. The paper concluded by emphasizing the importance of securing the borders which are defining features of a state. In this sense, government should adopt best modern practices in community border policing and transform from the rhetoric of policy formation andpaddling to policy implementation in order to achieve desired objectives of secured borders, safe society and increase in economic development.

Key Words: Nigeria Immigration Service, Illegal Routes, Security Policing, Border,


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057