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The Niger Delta Avengers, Autonomous Ethnic Clans and Common Claim over Oil Wells: The Paradox of Resource Control

Salihu Mohammed Niworu


The geo-political regions of Nigeria even though unequal in size has one natural endowment or the other in commercial quantities. Some of these natural resources are yet to be explored for the benefit of the host communities and the nation at large. The reason is, oil was discovered early in Niger Delta. The wealth from this oil has been the main stay of the Nigerian political economy. This common wealth of the nation is rationally intended to trickle down to all strata of Nigeria in form of good roads, ultra-modern health facilities, quality education, efficient communication network and environmental protection. These common consumption goods have eluded ordinary Nigerians with more devastating effect in the Niger Delta region owing to ineptitude of state actors and their accomplices in Multinational Oil Corporations. This paper therefore investigated the sudden emergence of Niger Delta Avengers militant group. It also raised fundamental questions such as which ethnic group controls the oil and in whose interest are the militants under different names bombing oil installations?

Key words: Niger Delta Avengers, ethnic clans, geopolitical regions, natural resources
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