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Revamping Nigerian Economy through Cassava Production

Victor Abhiele, Okosun
Joy Aihie-Ezomo


The main kernel of this paper is on revamping Nigerian economy through cassava production. The title of the paper is quite appropriate because of the economic morass Nigeria is currently enveloped. This was as a result of the vagaries price of crude oil in the international market. The Nigerian economy have nosedived and accelerated downward a cliff. There by exacerbating the living condition of vast majority of Nigerians. This unsavoury situation can be arrested or simmered down through the massive production of cassava root crop in Nigeria. A well-articulated and dynamic cassava production policy cum programme of the federal government will help to move the nation out of her economic woods. This will be the orifice for revamping the prostrated economy of Nigeria. Consequently, the paper defined the concept of Nigerian economy. The paper is explicated with the aid of the system theory. The data/information upon which this paper was predicated was collected from secondary sources. It engaged content or historical analysis as the instrument of analysis. The authors examined the interconnection between cassava production and revamping Nigerian economy. Recommendations were made aimed at synergizing cassava production in Nigeria. Epitomizing, the authors concluded that massive cassava production is a desideratum to revamping Nigerian economy.