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Possibilities of human healing through music: the Igbo experience

Stella N. Nwobu


There are numerous instabilities in virtually all aspects of human life. In this present era, people suffer from many illnesses that affect man emotionally, physically, mentally and even socially such as mental disorder, autism, hypertension, heart attack among others. Studies have shown that some of these illnesses could be handled with appropriate music type but the problem is that most people are ignorant of the power of music in maintaining good health. Some people in the profession are also ignorant of the power of what they have or how to apply it where necessary. This paper aimed at revealing the possibilities of maintaining good health through music with particular reference to the Igbo people of Nigeria. It centred on the ability of music to improve the mental, physical, emotional, social, aesthetic and spiritual health of patients. It employed a multidimensional approach involving musicological, sociological, historical and anthropological tools which included participant observation, bibliographical disco graphic and interview of informants. This paper revealed that music has always been an indispensable art in human existence. It has many effects on human health. It improves brain function, repairs brain damage, boost immune system, reduce stress levels, and aid stroke recovery. It therefore recommends among others that serious awareness should be created in different institutions, markets, and churches of the power of music in healing. More hospitals should engage the services of music therapists to help their patients to experience fast healing through music. There should be formation of music therapy guild which should incorporate as many musicians as possible who are going to be more engaged in human healing through music. This paper will be beneficial and useful to scholars, hospitals and individuals who come across it. It will be an eye opener for lots of people who are ignorant of the power of music in human healing.

Keywords: Human, Healing, Music, Problem, Possibilities
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