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Text as an Agent and Agency of Dislocation: An Intertextual Inspection of Select Nigerian Dramas

Benedict Binebai, Sunday D. Abraye


In the world of literary creation, several texts have been created to express discontent and resentment arising from the meanings generated by earlier texts. These after texts are merely on the lane and mission of dislocating the dislocation of the primal texts. Although intertextuality in the world of literary creation and criticism has been deployed by several scholars and for a long time now, the point remains that the idea of interrogating a secondary text as an agency of dislocation of the claims of the primal text has as always remained within the domain and identity of intertextual discourse. This paper moved further by taxonomizing such counter-discourse narratives as protest drama and art. Thus, using the critical analysis and literary methods of investigation, the paper argues that intertextual shows are not only identified as protest arts but also considered as secondary texts that dislocate dislocating prototypal texts.

Key Words: Text, agency, dislocation, intertextuality, Nigerian dramas
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