Roles of age and gender in the attainment of sustainable governance in Africa

  • A.O. Adelowokan
  • A.S. Tella
  • A.I. Adekunle
  • O.M. Alabi


The study set out to investigate how gender and age influence democratic governance in selected Sub-Saharan African countries. How well age and gender influence democratic governance in Africa has remained grossly understudied in extant literature of public sector and welfare economics. Based on panel data and illustrations from seven Sub-Sahara nations (Cameroun, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania), this paper discussed the need for full participation of women in democratic governance in Africa. The findings advocated that gender and age have significant effects on democratic governance in Africa. While there is the need for more qualitative research on gender and age indicators for good governance on more countries in Africa, this paper suggested that African governments must continuously introduce gender-friendly policies that will enhance women participation in economic activities for a more equitable and egalitarian society that has eluded us years gone.

Keywords: Democratic Governance, Age, Gender, Panel Estimation, Sub-Saharan Africa


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057