Assessment of Social Welfare Services of Sufferers of Leprosy in Delta State, Nigeria, 10 March 2006. Its 6050 Words Count

  • C Ewhrudjakpor


This study is aimed at assessing the social welfare services rendered to
inmates of a leprosy rehabilitation centre in Delta State of Nigeria. 84
leprosy inmates selected using the judgmental sampling technique was
investigated with the focus group discussion. This observational technique
was analyzed using the multidimensional scaling technique. Some of the
findings are; inmates’ standard of living was very low; they are not well
supported nutritionally and economically by the state government. Better
supports are received from Non governmental organizations. However,
inmates’ suggestion for governments employment is seen by this author as
realistic and the strategic block to bridge the gap between Governments
intended social welfare services and practicable social welfare practices.

Keywords: focus group discussion, Social welfare, sufferers of Leprosy


eISSN: 2070-0083