The Dynamics of Sustained Environmental Resource Crisis in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria: A Theoretical Periscope

  • SO Ogege
  • C Ewhrudjakpor


The Niger Delta region of Nigeria witnessed a remarkable upsurge in
environmental resource crisis as a result of the presence of oil  multinationals in the region. The mass media flash before the public a vivid and multi varied images of violent behaviour that characterized social interactions in the region. The youths in the Niger Delta whose occupational aspirations are blocked due to persistent hydrocarbon extraction in their region resorted to violent behaviour as a rational response to the monumental deprivation and marginalization by the multinational oil companies and their accomplice in the Nigerian state. The paper adopts George Homan’s social exchange theory in providing understanding for the sustained environmental resource crisis. The paper argues that the sustenance of youth violent oriented behaviour is a natural outgrowth of the social exchange relationship that exist between people of oil bearing communities and the various actors in the hydrocarbon extraction companies. The paper suggests the options of real fiscal autonomy for the federating units, resource control, creating employment and skill acquisition scheme for the displaced youths as mitigation measures to curb the age long environmental resource crisis in the Niger Delta.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057