Clothing Problems of Upper Middle Socio-Economic Group (Females) in Nigeria

  • OJ Chinwe


Clothing is one of the basic needs of man. It includes any garment,
accessory, ornament and apparel place on the body to adorn, protect,
project or communicate intent. This paper focuses on the clothing
problems of affluent female consumers in the upper middle socioeconomic
group, who have money to spend, as well as some access to retail fashion. Their clothing problems were discussed in relation to fashion leadership, fashion involvement, brand typologies, maintaining an interest in fashion and looking young, influence of the media and price and prestige issues. Recommendations for improving the clothing problems include that rather than ban imported clothing, Government should issue importation license for them and impose huge taxes on them. This will help in making the desired imported clothing available for the women, reducing the smuggling of these textiles and as well as increasing the internally generated revenue
base of the county.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057