Art, Employment and Society

  • GO Irivwieri



paper discusses the Arts as potential source of entrepreneurial and skill acquisition, capable of reducing unemployment in society. Following the failure of past governments, curriculum planners, educational psychologists and career educationists in not realizing the place of Art in National growth and development, this paper aims at highlighting the positive impact of Art and its creative potentials which will re-direct policy planners to give the art vocation the attention it deserves. Through reviews of literatures, Art, employment and society were discussed. Societal perception of Art and its roles were equally investigated. In conclusion, art acts as a creative force in employment reduction and as cultural catalyst, which should not be neglected but rather serve as a roadmap for National development. Artistic
activities serve as agents of psychological and social improvement and
welfare. It is recommended that emphasis should be placed on creative art activities from the pre-primary, primary through the secondary level of education nationwide. There should be adequate sensitization of the citizenry about the nature of the arts. Government should as a matter of urgency stop the contract employment syndrome for retirees so as to create vacancy for young graduates and other job seekers.

Keywords: Entrepreneurial skill, creativity, compensation, career, political


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eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057