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Causes and Architectural Solution to Heat and Nonconducive Air Condition in the Congregation Space of Worship Facilities

IB Nwankwo
SO Okechalu
I Yasin


Passive Solar building aspire to maintain interior thermal comfort all
through the sun’s daily and annual cycles at the same time as reducing the requirement for active cooling and heating systems. Passive solar building design is one fraction of green building design and does not consist of active systems such as mechanical ventilation or photovoltaic; on this premise of green solution lay architectural explanations and way out of the problems of heat and non conducive air condition in interior spaces irrespective of the facility type and use. This paper outlines the importance of creating and or finding green resolutions to thermal discomfort using the tool of architecture rather than machines in congregation spaces. It also reveals the demonstration/ case study of an existing worship facility experiencing severe internal thermal discomfort during worship activities, including processes required to finding solution against such challenges.

Key words- Heat and Insulation