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Fusarium Damping-off of two Timber Species (<i>Terminalia Ivorensis A.Chev and Nauclea Diderrichii</i> De Wild and Th.Dur) in the Nursery

GE Omokhua
MI Godwin-Egein
VC Okereke


The incidence of the damping–off disease of two timber species Terminalia
ivorensis and Nauclea diderrichii sown in ground granite, sharp river sand,
topsoil and sawdust was assessed at the nursery site of the Department of
Forestry and Wildlife Management, University of Port Harcourt. The
experiment was laid out in a completely randomised design replicated three
times. Fusarium oxysporum was implicated as the causal agent of the
disease. Terminalia ivorensis was not susceptible to Fusarium damping-off in the study. A significant effect (P<0.05) was observed in top soil which
recorded the highest disease incidence in Nauclea diderrichii. Saw dust
showed 0% disease incidence and supported the highest plant growth in both species. The results give an insight into possible management of Fusarium damping-off at the nursery using cultural method of control.

Key words: Fusarium oxysporum, Terminalia ivorensis, Nauclea diderrichii,
sowing media, disease incidence.