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Promoting EFL Learning through Group Dynamics

SOA Oladunjoye


This paper discusses possible ways of making the learning of English as a foreign language (EFL), easy. The world of teaching and learning tends to consistently increase awareness of educators on the need to make learning easier, much more practical and learner centered. One of the ways of achieving this is through group dynamics which had been ‘tested’ time and again in sciences and social sciences. This paper counsels the language educators to use this strategy to enhance language learning at all levels of language teaching. What makes this article different from similar papers on this subject is that it centers on the elements of team work and grouping ‘therapy’ and not mere dividing into groups and then using some other methods to help groups learn. Rather, the paper is about the need to understand the EFL classroom and tap the nature of man (the learner) as a social animal who needs to function in groups, benefiting from and being a benefit to the same.

Key Words: EFL, group dynamics, grouping therapy, team work, social trait conformity