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Teaching as a Career: Perception of University Education Students in Cross River State

IA Archibong
IE Idaka
AO Edet


This study in which survey design was utilized sought to determine trainee teachers’ perception of pursuing teaching as a career; and to determine those factors responsible for their perceptions. Four research questions were postulated to guide the study and a research instrument tagged ‘Student Teaching Career Questionnaire (STECAQ)’ was designed to collect data from the 233 registered final year students who constituted the study sample. The findings showed that 135(57.9%) of the students want to be teachers after graduation; out of those interested in making teaching their professional career 40(29.6%) are in education Sciences; More females are favourably disposed to making teaching their career after graduation than males. Low societal regard for teachers, low remuneration and allowing of non-trained teachers into the profession were among the factors cited as inhibiting students from making teaching their career after graduation. It was recommended among others that the agreed teacher salary scale be paid by the government both at the state and federal levels.