Nigerian Visual Arts (1970-2003) and the Impact of Some Stylistic Tendencies

  • GO Irivwieri


The paper made a critical appraisal of the diverse visual art practices in Nigeria. The writer observed that Nigerian art has not only carved an identity for itself but indeed has come of age. The art productions and techniques from the stylistic tendencies have created vista of possibilities for artists to explore. From this study, two phases namely; Phase III (1970 – 1988) - Harvest /Flourishing of Artistic Styles, Movements and Expansions, during which Nigerian art blossomed and became dynamic and Phase IV (1989-2003) – Period of Experimentation, Globalization and Creative Consciousness where different windows of interpretation were opened to further extend the frontiers of art globally were clearly discerned. It is a flowering phase, which bore fruits giving rise to a variety of stylistic tendencies, culminating in the conceptual art of the present. Apart from borrowing extensively from indigenous African imagery, they also lend themselves to modern trends which are reflected in the ways they experiment with materials and techniques without losing touch with their African identity.

Keywords: Stylistic tendencies, conceptual, African imagery, expressive, art genre.


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eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057